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What is hardware fittings what does hardware tool fittings have
Release time:2019-5-31 18:22:53      Number of clicks:7

One, what is hardware fittings

Hardware accessories is made of metal machine parts or components and some metal products use alone do help appliance hardware tools, metal parts, general hardware, building hardware and security products and other hardware products final consumer products for industrial manufacture of products, product and labor used tools, and so on, is also commonly used in indoor decoration hardware accessories.

Two, hardware tools accessories have what

1, furniture hardware accessories

Wood screw, hinge, clapboard pin, handle, slide, hanger, nail, zipper, header, tooth rubbing machine, hardware foot, spring, hardware frame, hardware handle, multi-station machine, rotary table, pneumatic lever, furniture machinery, etc.

2, cabinet hardware accessories

Hinge, guide rail, drawer, steel draw, function column, pull basket, hang rack, sink, shoot lamp, skirting board, knife and fork dish, pull basket, condole ark to hang, multi-cabinet body assembler, etc.

3. Mold hardware accessories

Punching needle, guide pillar, steel ball sleeve, guide sleeve, thimble, cylinder, ball sleeve, punch, cage, external guide pillar, no oil feeding slide, self-lubricating plate, self-lubricating guide sleeve, no oil feeding guide sleeve, independent guide pillar, external guide pillar components, etc.

4, Marine hardware accessories

Flower orchid, shackles, clips, swivel rings, pulleys, pegs, rings, fairleads, pipe supports, bollards, etc.

5, clothing hardware accessories

Button, thread buckle, claw nail, rope buckle, alloy buckle, needle buckle, hook buckle, military buckle, zipper head, fashion button, string ring, five-claw button, heliacal buckle, set stone buckle, zip head, drop glue buckle, belt buckle, hollow nail, alloy pull plate, label, etc.

6, luggage hardware accessories

Rivet, chain, steel ring, button, square ring, aluminum strip, mushroom nail, hollow nail, steel ring, backpack frame, dog button, triangle ring, three rivets, pentagon ring, pull tag, luggage handle, four button, sign, etc.

7, belt hardware accessories

Belt buckles, belt buckles, alloy belt buckles, belt on belt, etc.

8. Doors and Windows hardware

Handles, hinges, bolts, handles, door closers, windbraces, pulleys, door hangers, throat hoists, beads, hinges, crescent locks, multi-point locks, lock boxes, actuators, pullers, glass glue, three-star locks, etc.

9, photo frame hardware accessories

Blade, hook, shrapnel, picture holder, bracket, press-sheet, loose-leaf, supporting foot, covering Angle, Angle machine, yard nail, nail, Angle nail, flannelette, etc.

10, metal stamping accessories

Shell, flat pad, spring, shrapnel, round sheet, face cover, sign, nameplate, wire, terminal, marking, stamping parts, fork, pulling arm, T plate, etc.

11, curtain wall hardware accessories

Rigging, lifting clip, AB glue, connecting claw, connecting joint, glass clip, glass glue, baluster handrail, marble glue, curtain wall claw, foam strip, connecting piece, dry hanging piece, plastic bolt, glass claw, glass curtain wall, non-standard products, etc.

12, hardware accessories

Mobile phone accessories, small ornaments, cartoon characters, wear and wear accessories, 12 zodiac, alphabet, 12 constellation, letter, pendant, Disney, KT cat, mascot, other accessories, etc.

13, decorative hardware accessories

Hanger, sealing strip, door nose, advertisement nail, air duct, metal hanging brace, cabinet leg, plug, curtain rod, clothes hook, iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, screw, pull rivet, cement nail, mirror nail, bolt, glass holder, glass clip, tape, plastic expansion pipe, aluminum alloy ladder, goods bracket, etc.

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