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Environmental protection production of hardware products
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Protecting the environment is a basic national policy of China, and "scientific development and strengthened protection" is one of the basic principles of China's development. In the process that hardware product produces, can produce a lot of sewage, a lot of sewage treatment can produce bigger production cost. How to be environmentally friendly and reduce production costs at the same time? Environmental protection, should grab from production!

Today maintenance housekeeper to introduce to you, what is environmental protection electroplating technology.

Environment-friendly electroplating technology

Environmental protection electroplate technology has the characteristic such as avirulent, insipidity, free from pollution, in a word, should put common metal piece in this solution only immerse 20 minutes above, can form the alloy layer that is like mirror in the surface white. The alloy liquid is made of several domestic tesco chemical raw materials, which is convenient to purchase, and its characteristics are more prominent.

Characteristics of the soaked product

NO. 1

High hardness and wear resistance, in the case of drying and lubrication, has the same hardness with chromium plating, excellent performance, similar to stainless steel.

NO. 2

Excellent corrosion resistance, no obvious change in alkali, ammonia and sea water.

NO. 3

No excessive current density at the tip. There is no excessive thickening of the prominent parts in the sharp corners or edges, that is, there is a good "copy" of the composition of the alloy layer, the thickness is uniform. No grinding is required after plating.

NO. 4

It is convenient and quick to use, and can directly soak all kinds of metals in the solution for more than 20 minutes to form a bright surface like a mirror, magically turning iron into "stainless steel".

NO. 5

The surface alloy layer is uniform and compact, without blind spot, the coating is bright and clean, in blind hole, pipe fitting, deep hole, pipe inner wall, product corner and other surface can get a solid coating.

NO. 6

No peeling, no peeling, no pitting and no porosity after soaking, which not only maintains the original mechanical properties of metal base parts, but also increases the abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

NO. 7

No permeability, no penetration, no matter how complex shape of the workpiece and die surface can be dipped plating.

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