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How should I maintain the hardware products?
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1. Keep hardware parts clean. Water stains on the surface caused by carelessness during use should be wiped dry after use, and the surface should be kept clean and dry.

2. Do not put the high temperature teacup or other high temperature items directly on the furniture hardware accessories (glass, stainless steel, hardware handle, etc.). Use the foot rack, heat insulation pad, etc., so as not to change color or bubble on the surface.

3, do not use sharp, hard items scraping test surface, apply wet cloth scrub or wet cloth dip in neutral detergent or detergent processing, after should wipe dry water agent.

4. Avoid by all means striking hard objects or scratching the surface of hardware accessories with sharp tools, and avoid contact with hydrochloric acid, salt, salt halide and other characteristics.

5, the surface has serious stains or scratches, fireworks scald can be used fine sandpaper (400-500) gently grind the surface, and then scrub with 100 clean cloth.

6, metal guide rail, hinges, hinges, etc. should be regularly hit with lubricating oil, in order to maintain bright lubrication.

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